Acne Treatment

Providing a comprehensive set of options for treating active acne, along with technology for modifying acne scars, SkinBusiness offers the latest in proven-effective devices.

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There are numerous treatments available to treat acne and the resulting skin issues from this affliction. SkinBusiness offers systems that utilize safe UV light along with heat to reduce acne bacteria activity, or exfoliation systems to help clear pores and dry up acne outbreaks, achieving a level of control for individuals suffering from this issue. There are also aggressive treatments for modifying acne scars to improve post-acne skin.

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Microdermabrasion Systems

NaturaLight Pulsed Light System (IPL)

Fractional Resurfacing Laser Systems

For more information on each of these technologies, please refer to the following pages:
- All About Medical Microdermabrasion Systems. What features are comprised in a true medical microdermabrasion device.
- Choosing Between the Different Microdermabrasion Technologies. How to decide which microdermabrasion technology (crystal, crystal-free, rotating brush, etc.) is right for your business.
- Shopping for a Fractional Device. How to determine what features are important in a fractional laser device.
- Shopping for an IPL System. How to evaluate the various pulsed light technologies that are on the market.