Bella Micro Microdermabrasion System

SkinBusiness offers the most effective technology in microdermabrasion systems. It is a true medical grade device, suitable for any aesthetic setting; from the single user aesthetician business, to the most demanding, high volume spa, or to a physician's office intent on offering scar revision treatments.

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The Bella Micro is one of only a few true medical grade microdermabrasion systems available on the market, allowing safe and effective treatments at all levels of need. Capable of delivering a gentle, light exfoliation treatment meant to maintain a client's skin tone and texture, all the way up to an aggressive, medical scar revision procedure.

With 0.01 micron HEPA filtration, sterilizable and reusable handset tips, sealed waste canisters, safe and even exfoliation pattern, and the ability to switch between exfoliation and aspiration, the Bella Micro is the most well designed system on the market. It is the only microdermabrasion system that has a gauge which measures the treatment pressure in the handset; all other systems measure the pressure of the whole system, leaving the operator to rely on guesswork. Highly reliable and efficient, the Bella Micro is the most reasonably priced medical grade device available.

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- 5 year warranty
- Easy Maintenance
- 90° Handset
- Low Noise Output
- NO Clogging
- Precise Control
- Aspiration Mode*
- Closed Loop System
- Crystal-Free/Diamond-Tip handset option available

*Aspiration Mode - allows the operator to select vacuum only mode. This has been proven to stimulate collagen and elastin, increase blood flow and remove surface debris.

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