SkinBusiness offers a complete line of devices and technologies used in the current liposuction market.

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As knowledge and applications increase regarding the practice of liposuction, it is becoming apparent there are more than just aesthetic benefits resulting from this procedure. Removing unwanted fat from one body area and then reinjected to enhance another is just one of the many new steps being taken by liposuction physicians. And, with that step, discoveries in the need for increased regenerative cell counts within the lipoaspirate has spawned a whole new market.

SkinBusiness offers the technology for all of these new procedures, from the most effective tumescent infiltration and fat extraction system available today, to efficient fat collection products and reasonably priced components for extracting regenerative cells. SkinBusiness provides the right options to help any liposuction practice increase revenue and patient demand with products that deliver exceptional results every time.

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Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture System (aka Tickle Lipo)

MMT Regenerative Cell Processing Technology and Training

MMT Fat Collection System

Two of the most important aspects to consider when contemplating the purchase of a tumescent liposuction device are patient results and comfort. Utilizing a device that is fast can be beneficial only if it is not too rough on the patient. If a device is somewhat less invasive than other technologies, it is only useful if the patient results are exceptional. Since fat grafting procedures are becoming more commonplace, operating a device that is gentle on the fat cells while collecting a sufficient number of regenerative cells is imperative; re-injecting fat cells that are damaged or if the quantity of regenerative cells within the fat are limited, some or all of the graft will not survive. In addition, regenerative cell extraction/processing is being performed by more physicians and having a device capable of collecting a high number of regenerative cells that are available for separation from the fluid without an excessive amount of manipulation is becoming more and more important.

SkinBusiness offers the most effective liposuction device available that also excels in removing adipose tissue for use in grafting procedures and regenerative cell extraction. The fat collection/grafting system offered is a simple process that has been clinically proven to deliver the highest percentage of viable cells and the highest count of regenerative cells of all competing technologies, and is comprised of a set of equipment that is completely autoclavable. The regenerative cell extraction system SkinBusiness offers requires far less manipulation of the tissue than any other system on the market, costs less than $50 to operate on a per-case basis and is very affordable to acquire.