MMT Fat Collection System

SkinBusiness offers the latest technology for collecting fat and reinjecting it for aesthetic purposes, with the most consistent and predictable results.

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With the increased demand for the use of a patient's fat to be collected from one body area and reinjected somewhere else to enhance their body, a system that delivers superior results involving fewer steps and requiring less surgery time has become a priority.

SkinBusiness can provide the tools that have been clinically proven to deliver the highest number of regenerative cells extracted from lipoaspirate than any other technology currently available on the market. This process is done without the use of enzymes or regenerative cell-eliminating washing steps. With minimal manipulation, not only will the fat that is being reinjected have a high graft take, it will reduce the overall time it takes to perform the procedure.

As an added benefit, this process involves all autoclavable items, eliminating per-treatment consumable costs.

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All collection and reinjection devices/items are autoclavable, eliminating per-case consumable costs.

Simple 4 step process that requires far less time to complete than all other current techniques.

Items in the kit can be customized to fit all types of fat grafting procedures.

Includes a specialized cannula for collection, various sized canister choices based on volume required, 3 reinjection gun options and a full range of reinjection cannulas to choose from.

Provides extremely high cell viability percentages with high ADRC counts (when used in conjuction with the Tickle Lipo system).

Does not require the use of enzymes or any washing steps.

There are numerous techniques and devices available for extracting adipose tissue and then reinjecting it into another body area for aesthetic purposes. This practice has been going on for many years, with varying levels of success. Physicians who offer this procedure are required to be very good at estimating how much they need to "over correct" due to the fact that most fat grafting techniques damage fat cells in the process and many cells do not survive. It has now been discovered there are two main contributing factors that determine the overall success of a fat grafting procedure; number of intact adipocites and quantity of regenerative cells within the tissue. Of course, if cells are damaged, they are not viable. Additionally, if the number of regenerative cells within the lipoaspirate is limited, the percentage of fat cells that will revascularize and survive is dramatically reduced.

Many of the fat collection/reinjection systems currently on the market involve expensive consumable items, not only inflating the operating costs for the physician, but increasing the time it takes to perform the procedure, further eroding the profit margin. SkinBusiness has a system that is simple to utilize, requires far less time than any other competing option on the market, and is clinically proven to deliver the highest quality adipose tissue suitable for reinjection. This system consists of all autoclavable items, eliminating per-treatment consumable costs. Beginning with a specialized collection cannula, canisters and tubing, to a variety of reinjection devices, SkinBusiness has the products to make the collection and reinjection of adipose tissue a simple, quick and cost-saving procedure.

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