Fat Collection / Grafting

Fat Grafting is one of the fastest growing segments of the aesthetic market and SkinBusiness offers the latest innovations in this technology.

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SkinBusiness offers a system that has vastly improved on existing techniques to extract fat with less manipulation prior to re-injection, providing superior results in a simple, yet innovative process.

Studies are now showing that excess processing of the adipose tissue prior to re-injection removes many of the regenerative cells that are essential for a high graft "take". Our technology delivers a procedure that requires less "estimation" on how much to over-inject due to anticipated loss of volume.

For the physicians who are seeking the full range of technology in extracting fat and the processing of regenerative cells, SkinBusiness has what is required.

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Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture System (aka Tickle Lipo)

MMT Regenerative Cell Processing Technology and Training

MMT Fat Collection System

Fat Grafting requires a very specialized approach in terms of liposuction technology and technique; fat cells that are collected with the intention of re-injection must all be intact and contain a sufficient number of regenerative cells within the tissue. If the cells are damaged, they will not survive. If there are very few regenerative cells available within the fat clusters, the fat will not revascularize and will not survive. The ideal collection device provides smaller fat clusters which enables the practitioner to utilize a much more workable tissue for a smooth result post-injection.