BellaSante Mini-Dermal Microdermabrasion System

SkinBusiness offers a small and compact, low priced microdermabrasion system that is perfect for any aesthetic business. The BellaSante Mini-Dermal system is efficient and reliable, while extremely portable with the power to provide the full range of treatment levels.

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The aesthetic professional has many choices in today's microdermabrasion marketplace, from large devices that require their own rolling cart, to multi-function units, to systems that offer more than one type of exfoliation technology. The BellaSante Mini-Dermal system is small, weighing less than 6 Lbs, and only takes up an area the size of ½ a sheet of paper! Yet, it has the power to deliver an effective treatment for any type of aesthetic business. With both a vacuum adjustment and a crystal flow adjustment, the skin care professional can perform the exact exfoliation treatment required for their clients, with a low cost in consumables. The most important factor in today's economy is that this system is priced to meet the needs of the new business owner, and will fit the budget of any aesthetic spa seeking to add an additional microdermabrasion system to their office.

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