Tattoo Removal

With the demand for tattoo removal on the rise, SkinBusiness offers the most powerful and effective tattoo removal laser in the aesthetic industry.

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When attempting to remove tattoo inks of exotic colors, the most important factor to consider is power.

At twice the energy of competing tattoo removal devices, SkinBusiness offers the only system that has the ability to completely remove all tattoo ink colors with less treatments sessions than any other system on the market.

Includes 4 wavelength options, 1064nm, 532nm, 585nm, and 650nm.

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NaturaLase QS 2-Joule Q-Switched Laser System

There are many lasers offered on the aesthetic market being sold as a tattoo removal device. A practitioner planning to enter this segment of the business must be educated on all aspects of this technology before they make an investment in equipment. Knowing what specifications or features are important for delivering an effective tattoo removal procedure is imperative.

Offering treatments that ultimately result in a completely removed tattoo, no matter what color ink the tattoo is comprised of, and doing so in a relatively low number of treatments, is the only option.

The following document is a "must read" set of information that should be studied by any practitioner considering the addition of a tattoo removal device for their practice. Please refer to the page on our site titled "Shopping for a Tattoo Removal Laser" Click here