NaturaLase ER

SkinBusiness offers the world's most powerful erbium skin resurfacing laser system, capable of performing both a full resurfacing and a fractional resurfacing treatment to virtually any depth desired by the physician, all at lightning speeds.

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Having the ability to deliver either a full resurfacing treatment, a fractional resurfacing treatment, or a combination of both in a relatively short procedure time, gives a practice an advantage over the competition in this price conscious marketplace.

The NaturaLase ER delivers the highest Er:YAG energy available; with 3 Joules per pulse and up to a 10mm spot size, the system's specifications are without comparison. In either the full resurfacing mode, or by adding the fractional handset, the ER can perform a very light treatment up to and including the deepest and most aggressive treatment possible of any such device in this category, with only one pass.

The system is simple to set, with straight-forward choices in determining the depth and speed at which to perform the treatment, only requiring a minimal amount of time for the physician to become familiar enough with the device to deliver a precise procedure.

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NaturaLase ER Laser System

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Skin Resurfacing

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Erbium lasers are considered to be the "gentle" resurfacing technology. Due to the nature of the 2940nm wavelength and the fact it is highly absorbed by water, the patient will recover in a shorter period of time as compared to a CO2 treatment. The 2940nm wavelength is also safer in terms of potential complications, with a much lower chance of causing PIH. Some earlier models of erbium resurfacing devices were underpowered, giving the 2940nm wavelength an undeserved reputation as being too weak for the physicians seeking a substantial result. If the procedure took too long or did not deliver a dramatically improved outcome, physicians determined such technology as inferior and ignored all newcomers to the market.

The NaturaLase ER has changed that perception. With energy to spare, a treatment can be delivered to any depth desired, and at virtually any speed the physician can handle. The results for either full resurfacing or fractional alone can be equal to a CO2 treatment, when comparing both modes between technologies. And, if the treatment with the NaturaLase ER involves both a light, full resurfacing and a deeper fractional resurfacing, the patient will see an almost immediate improvement in their skin but will not experience an extended down time.

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