Pigmentation Removal

SkinBusiness offers the two most effective technologies for removing unwanted pigmentation; Pulsed Light and Q-Switched laser.

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Pulsed Light systems (IPLs) were originally designed for use in pigment removal, also referred to as Photo-Facial, and are still the most commonly used devices for these procedures.

Recent studies have proven that Q-Switched lasers are also effective for removing unwanted pigmentation in all skin types, including melasma, and is exceptionally effective in Fitzpatrick IV-VI patients.

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NaturaLight Pulsed Light System (IPL)

NaturaLase QS 2-Joule Q-Switched Laser System

When shopping for a pulsed light device or laser system, please refer to the pages on our site titled "Shopping for an IPL" or "Shopping for a Laser System"