NaturaLase CO2

SkinBusiness offers an exceptional fractional system, the NaturaLase CO2, delivering the latest advancements in fractional technology at an affordable price.

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The NaturaLase CO2 is a 60W, RF excited, superpulsed system with a fully adjustable scanner delivery system. The operator can choose between a variety of pattern shapes that can be adjusted in size, while the micro-spots within the pattern can be modified in number and spacing. The overall depth of each of the micro-spots within the patterns can be set to accommodate any type of skin correction procedure, from a surface irregularity such as pigmentation or skin texture to deep wrinkles.

Reasonably priced, the NaturaLase CO2 is the ideal device for the aesthetics practitioner wishing to add fractional laser treatments to their practice. It is also perfect for the established aesthetic business already offering fractional treatments that needs to add another device and would like to maintain the highest level of technology available without straining their budget. SkinBusiness has the ideal solution to fit any aesthetic business requirement.

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If you are shopping for a fractional CO2 device, there are many options available in the marketplace. Knowing what to look for and how to determine what is important is critical in making the right choice for your practice. The following document is a "must read" if you need assistance in your search for such a device. Click here.