Laser Devices

SkinBusiness offers a wide range of aesthetic laser devices, providing any aesthetic practitioner with the tools to deliver treatments that are in demand with today's patients.

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Lasers have been used in aesthetic procedures for many years, beginning with CO2 resurfacing lasers and hair removal devices. Technological advancements continually improve treatment outcomes while reducing patient down-time and discomfort.

SkinBusiness has offered a variety of laser devices to their customers since the early 2000's, selling and supporting systems that not only provide efficacy and reliability, but at reasonable prices too.

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NaturaLase LP 1064nm Long Pulse Nd:YAG Laser
NaturaLase QS 2-Joule Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser
NaturaLase CO2 Fractional Resurfacing Laser
NaturaLase ER 2940nm Erbium Resurfacing and Fractional Laser
NaturaLase 980 Non-ablative 980nm Laser Diode

For more information on aesthetic laser devices, please read the following document