NaturaLase 980

SkinBusiness offers the latest advancements in the Podiatry laser marketplace.

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The NaturaLase 980 is changing the use of lasers in Podiatry. This versatile laser system allows practitioners to deliver some of the most exciting new procedures in laser medicine. Laser leg vein treatments, ablation of warts, and aesthetic treatment of toes and feet are all available with the NaturaLase 980.

980 Diode lasers have been used for a variety of application in a variety of offices. Applications include Laser Lipolysis, Vascular Lesions, Endovenous Vein Therapy, Laser Surgery, and now the NaturaLase 980 laser can perform Podiatric laser treatments for toes and feet.

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NaturaLase 980

Easier, more effective treatments
Energy Levels of 10W to 30W
Fewer procedures required
Portable technology for multiple locations
Excellent safety profiles from 980nm diode

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