Skin Tightening and Skin Rejuvenation

Through the use of infrared and near-infrared light, lax skin can be treated by heating the tissue which can cause a contraction of the surrounding structure.

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SkinBusiness offers two different technologies that are used to produce results in skin that has lost some of its elasticity. By heating tissue, collagen strands tend to unravel, resulting in a contraction of the tissue deep within the dermis and this has been considered to reduce the visual affects of loose or lax skin in many areas of the body.

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NaturaLight Pulsed Light System (IPL)

NaturaLase LP 1064nm Long Pulse Nd:YAG Laser System

When shopping for a pulsed light device, please refer to the page on our site titled "Shopping for an IPL" Click here

Skin Tightening Treatment was performed 2 times on patient's left side only